RaynAir offers 24-hour access to private jets. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and resourcefulness to match your travel needs with aircraft type, passenger comfort and budget. We offer the lowest prices in private travel. We will arrange all third-party services for you, from ground transportation and catering to customs and international planning. We have the lowest prices in private travel. RaynAir is a One Stop Shop.

Rick Klev
RaynAir Private Jets
1A Eros Drive
Airmont, NY 10952
Main Telephone: 845-368-3147
Toll Free: 1-800-650-2667
Mobile Telephone: 845-548-7423
Email: Rick.Klev@raynairjets.com

  RaynAir neither owns nor operates its own aircraft.  Rather, Raynair secures transportation for its customers on independent and certifcated air charter operators.